SubGadget compatibility issue with Madsonic

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SubGadget compatibility issue with Madsonic

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Hi all,

Even if you run Windows 10, it is fully possible to add wingadgets to your desktop. Just install the 8Gadget Pack v18 from this link

Then there is this beautiful Subsonic gadget pack that allows you to play background music from subsonic/madsonic with just a small control-gadget on your screen. Tis can be downloaded here: ...

However, there's a small glitch: The gadget only plays well from a Subsonic server. It will not play from a Madsonic server. I guess the reason must be just a tiny API discrepancy that someone with the right knowledge could easily fix. I've talked to the author of the gadget, but he does not have any knowledge about Madsonic. However, he has given his consent to let anyone make whatever changes necessary to the package.
Essentially, the package is just a zip'ed file. Change the extension from gadget to zip and open it with any unzipper and everything is freely available for modification.
This is the content of the package:


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