Google Now and Madsonic

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Google Now and Madsonic

Unread post by troycarpenter »

I just tried the latest Google Now with Madsonic in terms of playing music. The first time I did it, I said:

"Ok Google, play Monster by Skillet". Google Now brought up a card asking me to buy the song from the play store as the default action. When I clicked on the play store icon in the lower left corner of the card, it presented me with all the music players I had installed, including Madsonic, which I selected. The song then started playing in Madsonic, and subsequent commands played directly in Madsonic without intervention.

However, trying to play an entire album or artist didn't work. After watching on screen what was happening, it looks like Google Now simply shunts a search into Madsonic, which then plays the first item returned in the search. The search results are usually displayed on the screen and the playlist can easily be amended from there. I don't exactly know what search is being passed into Madsonic. I don't know if there is even a way to differentiate an artist request vs. album request.

Anyway, it's better than nothing and if you only want to listen to one song at at time, it actually works.
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Re: Google Now and Madsonic

Unread post by rburns »

+1 that this does work. This is an actual added bonus for me.
I use handsfree options quite often, and I want to confirm that this does work.

Say" OK, Google"
"Play..." any song you have in your Madsonic directory
A Google Now card will display that reads, "Choose how you want to buy or play..."
Click the drop-down where it shows the Play Store.
DO NOT click the Play Store, but click the Icon that has a small arrow in top left
The resulting list will be all of the players you have on your phone, including Madsonic.
Click Madsonic which will change the icon.
Click Madsonic Text which is next to the icon.
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Re: Google Now and Madsonic

Unread post by zhdenny »

If you want to know can actually perform a Madsonic search action in Tasker or similar with the following

Action: android.intent.action.SEARCH
Cat: Default
Mime Type: text/plain
Extra query:%search_term
Package: github.madmarty.madsonic
Class: github.madmarty.madsonic.activity.QueryReceiverActivity
Target: Activity

%search_term is the variable for whatever you search for. I use this action in Tasker along with a GetVoice action that lets me speak my search terms. The above action also only will not play the 1st result like Google Now does.

If anyone has any other cool things like this, please post.
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