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Madsonic Code?

Posted: 22 Apr 2016, 16:17
by columbiabbs
Whats up?. I have supported this both Subsonic and Madsonic thru Paypal, I did get a code from Subsonic but not from Madsonic so I can't really
give Madsonic a real try since 5.xx. I can't change port info etc. I would really like to use Madsonic. Thank You for your help.


Re: Madsonic Code?

Posted: 23 Apr 2016, 15:46
by Greener77176

Same for me here in France, I bought a 2 years premium from Subsonic a few months ago, but what appends with my subsonic premium code, do i must buy a new one for madsonic when it will arrive at the end of its period ?

I am interested by an answer for this case.
If your separated from the subsonic team or if you can re-use subsonic code.

I hope my poor english can be clear as really comprehensive question !.

Best regards.