SMS (Scott's Media Streamer) Branch

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SMS (Scott's Media Streamer) Branch

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I have my own branch of Subsonic which I maintain and work on in my own time. It is heavily customised and minimised for my own needs making it (probably) not much use to most people, however, that doesn't mean that some of the code couldn't be integrated into Madsonic.

Many features are removed, however, some new features have also been added:

Custom build of MediaElementJS to replace JWPlayer for Audio and Video. The 'Flash' fallback has been removed because I couldn't be bothered with it so it is HTML5 Video/Audio only. However, manual time control is implemented which means seeking, progress bar and time information are all native (even in fullscreen) so everything fits in better. For Apple, the default is HLS and manual time control is disabled.

Subtitle Controller - this only works for external subtitles (srt or webvvt), not embedded subtitles. They work with the HTML5 player and continue working correctly when the video is seeked.

Android Video Player - I have also implemented a custom video player into the Android app, which supports seeking and subtitles (manual time control again...). The subtitles controller in the Android app is custom so works on old Android version before Jelly Bean also.

UPDATE (Jan 2014):

The project has moved URL and been renamed to SMS (Scott's Media Streamer) which I have updated below. As I stated previously, this is a very bespoke branch of Subsonic specific to my needs but if some of the added functionality is useful to you feel free to use the code.

I have completely re-written the media directory scanning/metadata retrieval system recently to optimise the database and allow for better distinction between audio and video. Much more information is now gathered for both audio and video to allow for the next phase which is an 'intelligent' transcoding engine which decides how to transcode a given file based on what formats and codecs the client supports (this is in the works).

I have also added support for .nfo files with additional movie information (rating, plot, certificate etc...) which is gathered during media scanning. For those that organise their video library for XBMC using software such as MediaElch( this information can now be used in SMS. The intention is to not only display ratings and movie information but use this for parental control for a given user also.

The project can be found here:
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Re: SMS (Scott's Media Streamer) Branch

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Could we have a screenshot if it is reconfigured? I would like to try out your branch.