Madsonic plugin for Musicbee

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Madsonic plugin for Musicbee

Unread post by whitebrice »

I'm trying to get Steven Mayall's Musicbee app to integrate nicely with my Madsonic server. I'm working with the source code for the plugin that integrates Musicbee with Subsonic, but it doesn't work with Madsonic yet. After I start the plugin and it tries to map the library, the plugin throws a WebException. I've traced it back to the following function:

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Private Shared Function GetHttpRequestStream(ByVal query As String, ByVal parameters As String, Optional ByVal timeout As Integer = 30000) As ConnectStream
            Return New ConnectStream(serverName & "rest/" & query & "?u=" & Username & "&p=" & Password & "&v=1.0.0&c=MusicBee" & If(String.IsNullOrEmpty(parameters), "", "&" & parameters), timeout)
End Function
I imagine that the String it's using as the argument of ConnectStream() is not the correct one for Madsonic, but I have no idea where I would find the format the String should take. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Madsonic plugin for Musicbee

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hi there,

this should be possible, i will look into source why there are problems. Maybe the API Level 1.0.0 is too old.

best regards

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