Standalone vs. WAR install on NAS

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Standalone vs. WAR install on NAS

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Hey guys,

I run a QNAP with x86 processor which would be the perfect place to run madsonic on. Thus I tested different installation methods. The easiest way (based on my linux knowledge) was simply executing the standalone version via a java command. However, since most of the howtos are based on a tomcat-install I was wondering if there are any drawback in using the standalone version directly on my NAS (without the integrated webserver or an additional tomcat etc.).

Btw, during my testing I saw that there's also a new QNAP install-package (qpkg) for madsonic available. I tested that, to and I guess its using the standalone-version of madsonic, however it's double the size of the normal download. So I'm still trying to do a manual install with either the WAR or the standalone-installer.

Thanks for your support


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Re: Standalone vs. WAR install on NAS

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hi there,

in General its save on all installation types to replace only the .WAR file if you want to upgrade.

Keep in mind to shutdown service or stop the script before!

best regards

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Re: Standalone vs. WAR install on NAS

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I've made my own qpkg with the standalone version.
I found no information on the different forums, which version of madsonic is getting installed.

I created a folder under /.qpkg/madsonic and set the home-folder under /.qpkg/madsonic/home
In this folder i copied the newest transcode-files.

I also made a folder for the newest java-version and set the path manually to this folder, because the installed java version with the JAVA-variable does not work with madsonic 5 3800.
To start Madsonic i simply execute the ./ file and set all neccessary parameters like port/subpath etc. in this file.

Can you shortly explain how you did it? I'd be interested because i invested quite some time to figure out how to get this working.
That would be very kind.
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