transcoded song does not start from beginning

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transcoded song does not start from beginning

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When I transcode a vbr mp3 to mp3 or downsample mp3 the song does not start.
BUT when I quick junp to lets say timemark 00:20 the song starts playing.

When I then klick the song again. Same thing. It does not start.
Quick jump somewhere inside the song it plays like a charm.
Even when I quickjump to 00:01 it starts playing.

There are no Errors in the log file.
There is also no ffmpeg task in the taskmanager
Without transcode or downsample it works as expected.

Here are my transcoding settings:
downampling: ffmpeg -i %s -ab %bk -v 0 -f mp3 -
mp3 to mp3: Audioffmpeg -f mp3 -i %s -ab %bk -v 0 -f mp3 -

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance

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