"Unknown Genre" albums

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"Unknown Genre" albums

Unread post by hizzout »

I clicked the Genre drop-down combo box and noticed there is an "unknown genre" category. I also noticed that all of the results in that genre category were multi-disc albums, for example something like "The Clash - The Essential Clash discs 1 and 2"

I have my file structure as follows: artist\album\disc\track - so using the previous example on my server it would be as follows: The Clash\The Essential Clash\Disc 01\album mp3 files here

I tried editing the ID3 tags and updating the genre, then rescanned my media folders, and the artist/album is still in the Unknown Genre. I also tried combining all of the tracks from Disc 01 and Disc 02 into one folder, and just sequentially numbered the tracks. No dice, still showing up as Unknown Genre

Anyone know how I can fix this? I don't want ANY artists or albums in "unknown".

any help is appreciated.

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Re: "Unknown Genre" albums

Unread post by xicor »

have you tried editing the tags within madsonic? i have to do this for a lot of my uploads because the default tags arent correct

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