How to always display folder names in API clients

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How to always display folder names in API clients

Unread post by hairlesshobo » 02 Oct 2013, 18:16

I just now got around to updating to the latest Madsonic 5 coming all the way from the last build of the 4 series, and I gotta say, so far it's awesome! There is one issue that I am having, and have been since about half way through the 4 series builds. I was hoping it was just a glitch or something and that in time it would work itself out, but at this point it doesn't appear that way. When browsing using the web front end, it correctly shows the name of all of every FOLDER, but when browsing in the mobile clients (in my case, Dsub), it shows the name of the album based off of tags inside of the folder. My library is setup as follows:

For an album in which I have the entire Album, it is placed in the following location:

<First letter of artist name>/<Artist>/Albums/<Album name>/album_tracks.mp3

But, for the songs that I do not have the entire album for, I place them in a separate area shown below:

<First letter of artist name>/<Artist>/Misc/misc_tracks.mp3

Well, the problem is that the Misc folder under each Artist consists of a mixture of numerous different albums and whatnot, and Madsonic sends whatever it thinks the name of the "Misc" folder should actually be, which can be confusing at times. What I want is for the Misc folder (or any other folder containing music tracks) to ALWAYS say the actual name of the folder. Is there a setting somewhere that forces the mobile clients to only see the actual name of the folder instead of the parsed information from the tags in the media files inside the folder?

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Re: How to always display folder names in API clients

Unread post by jmathews » 07 Jan 2015, 06:27

Is there a solution to this? I need the apps using the API to always see just the folder names, with no attempt to change them into what Madsonic thinks is a correct album name.

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Re: How to always display folder names in API clients

Unread post by daneren2005 » 07 Jan 2015, 21:58

Madsonic would need to change it so that the title of the album was pulling from the folder and not the tags.

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