Security groups

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Security groups

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I have install en new server with MadSonic v4.8.3320.beta3
Made 2 CD maps (1 CD-Map and 1 CD-Prived-Map)
The CD-Map is for group "All"
The CD-Prived-Map is only for the admin. (NOT for Family and Friends)
When "Joe" (group=friends) logged in. He can't see in the Left-panel the "CD-Prived-Map"
BUT on the HOME page he can see 2 Covers displayed. 1 with titel "CD-Map" AND 1 with titel "CD-Prived-Map" and when he hit this Cover he can play this CD! I think this is a BUG?

Gr. Sietze

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Re: Security groups

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Sure looks like that's the case. I've submitted a request to have the Main browser panel only display what's selected in the left column. Maybe if that gets incorporated it will address your issue as well.

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