User "admin" "Rene" - pc1 or pc2 different -Data will change

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User "admin" "Rene" - pc1 or pc2 different -Data will change

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hope, my english is good enough to explain my problem.

1. i have a qnap TS-563 with systemsoftware 4.2 and Madsonic version 5 installed
2. i can start madsonic in a browser and i get a Login
3. 1st time login with admin / admin was successfully and i changed my password
4. under settings i go to "users" and i made a new user called "Rene"
5. i logged in with the new username "Rene" and everything is working fine
6. then i logged in with user "admin" and everything is working fine, too
6a. i logged off

7. no i go to my laptop, and start the browser and put the same address in the browser on my QNAP with port 4040 (see above).
8. i get a login-mask and i fill in the name "admin" and my NEW password (remember, i changed it on my PC)
9. now i get a information, that the loginname or password not correct
10. i try to login on my laptop with "admin" and password "admin" and i will be logged in (i´m confused).
11. when i looked in the settings /users i see, that only one user "admin" is in there (where is my user "Rene" that i´ve created on my pc?)
12. then i logged off at my laptop

13. i start my pc and in the browser i put the address from my madsonic-server with the port 4040 (i have only one QNAP with Madsonic)
14. i see the login mask and i put the name "admin" and the password "admin" in there
15. i get the information, that i have a wrong name or password (i´m confused a second time)
16. i go back and i put the name "admin" and my NEW "password" in the field and press enter
17. now im logged in madsonic-server and under settings i see my created user "Rene"
18. on the PC, i can login as the User "Rene" without problems

19. after that i go to madsonic in the browser at my laptop, i can´t login with the user "admin" and the new password "password"
20. i loged in with the name "admin" and the password "admin"
21. in the settings, i see no other user (remember: on the PC, i build the user "Rene" and i see and can login with the user "Rene")

So, why have not the same login and user for each PC or Laptop? i have one QNAP with madsonic installed one time.
Further information: i can create a user "user1" on the laptop and when i changed to my PC, i didn´t see this user (only on my laptop)
i try it with different browsers (Edge, IE, Mozilla)

I´m confused ;)

hope someone can help me

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Re: User "admin" "Rene" - pc1 or pc2 different - Userdata ch

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is no one here to help me?

It seems, that the user will be deleted when i boot my second system.

New is: when i restart my QNAPTS-563, the installed users were deleted too?
Where will Madsonic save the User-data? on the QNAP oder lokal on PC´s?

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Re: User "admin" "Rene" - pc1 or pc2 different -Data will ch

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Madsonic is a great app for streaming media from your NAS to all your devices.
To get Madsonic to work on my QNAP TS-112P:
* Open the App center on your NAS and install Madsonic
* Assign a static IP address for your NAS on your router
* Assign port 4040 on your router to the static IP address of your NAS (so-called port-forwarding)
* Open your browser and enter the static IP address + port number in the address bar,
Please note that when your device is not within your home network, you should enter the external IP address of your router.
* Register for Madsonic, login and set up your media collection.

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