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Setting up minimal guest user

Posted: 30 Jan 2016, 00:53
by capitalggeek
I am trying to set up a bare minimum interface for the guest user, and am having trouble removing the 'show statistics' and 'show shortcuts' from the left frame. I'd also like to remove the 'folders' and 'genres' drop downs from the search area on the left as well, but it's not as important.

Does anyone know which .jsp file that setting is in? I've removed those sections from the 'left.jsp', but that hasn't removed them from the menu.

Any help would be appreciated, especially if someone can point me to the docs where the web menuing system is explained.

I'm using version 5.1.5200 on Windows.


Re: Setting up minimal guest user

Posted: 10 Feb 2016, 03:23
by capitalggeek

Ok. Still looking for info on editing the pages. Now because of the Genres. It appears that the 'genres' drop down search only lists the first genre in an album, not the complete list. So now I'm looking to remove the genres drop down search box on the left frame, as well as make the main frame for 'genres' default to songs instead of albums. Anyone have any suggestions?