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Foreign Character-Set (UTF-8) not working

Posted: 15 Nov 2015, 00:08
by VikingOy
Hi All,

I need help to figure out how to configure Madsonic 5.0 installed on my QNAP NAS, to handle file names including foreign character.
As it is now, these files do show up in the album lists, but Madsonic is unable to play them.
I never did set up the database myself when installing Madsonic. It was all done automatically when I activated the QPKG, So I have no idea what type of DB is used and where to find it.
I have studied every possible menu and submenu in Madsonic looking for a place to set the character table to UTF-8, but so far no luck.
The picture shows how this appears:

Re: Foreign Character-Set (UTF-8) not working

Posted: 27 Nov 2015, 17:42
by SerpensAlatus
Same here.

German umlaute not working. I am using the latest stable on a raspberry pi.

Any suggestions?


Re: Foreign Character-Set (UTF-8) not working

Posted: 08 Dec 2015, 20:57
by opty
i am using a madsonic docker on my synology NAS and noticed the same problem.
if the file name/folder name contains a foreign character it won't work however if you remove the foreign characters from the file name/folder name than the meta tags containing a foreign character shows fine.

Re: Foreign Character-Set (UTF-8) not working

Posted: 24 Jan 2016, 09:38
by tigerali
I'm also having this issue. More than half my music is tagged in Japanese and it's not really possible for me to re-tag it. I'm using the WAR installation under Tomcat on a QNAP device and really need it to work. Any advice or updates?