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Premium / Media folders and types

Posted: 06 Oct 2015, 20:40
by vbs
Hey guys,

I am long-term premium user of subsonic and I recently discovered Madsonic. I am currently in the process of getting warm with it and I am considering to completely switch over from Subsonic. I am really happy with Madsonic so far and wanna say Thank You for this awesome job!

I have two questions though and I am hoping someone is willing to help me out:

Where to buy Madsonic premium account and how much is it?
All I could find is this link but it seems to be not up (yet?):
Is it really not yet available? I can enter a license key in the web interface already.

In Subsonic I was used to have different music folders and I could switch between them using the combo box on the left side of the Web interface. Now in Madsonic all I can see there is "All music" and "All folders". So how can I switch/limit to particular music folders?

Another thing I do not know from Subsonic is the "Type"-field in Settings->MediaFolders. I can choose stuff like "Music - Artists", "Music - Various Artists", "Music Compilation" etc.
I was not able to find any information about what that means. Is there some manual/documentation I could read to find out? Especially whats the difference between "Various Artists" and "Compilation"?

Thanks in advance!