Podcast Not playing .m4a format

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Podcast Not playing .m4a format

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I'm having trouble getting a podcast to work on my server.

Podcast is podcast theanfieldwrap com rss

Server details :

Version MADSONIC 5.1.5150.20140927.0920
License Madsonic Free Edition, for personal use only as described below.
Server jetty/8.y.z-SNAPSHOT, java 1.7.0_79, Linux (98.3 MB / 443.0 MB)
Size: Database: 402MB, Thumbs-Cache: 41MB, LastFM-Cache: 0MB, Lucene-Cache: 7MB
Spring.Framework v3.2.11, Spring.Security v3.2.5
HyperSQL DataBase v2.3.2
ffmpeg version N-40951-g1ea7a3e- Copyright (c) 2000-2014 the FFmpeg developers (27.09.2014)

In the logs I am seeing this whenever I try and play the podcast:

[5/14/15 11:13 AM] WARN JaudiotaggerParser Error when parsing tags in /home/media/OTHER/podcasts/The Anfield Wrap/POST_MATCH_POD_28040.m4a This file does not appear to be an Mp4 Audio file, could be corrupted or video

Am I missing something that needs installing?

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