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Unread post by etyrnal » 06 May 2015, 00:46

why is it seemingly impossible to do something as simple as get a list of the most recently added songs?!? (sorted by most recent, to least recent)

i keep adding single mp3 files to our server, and can't find them...

so you either HAVE TO remember EVERY SINGLE TRACK in your HUGE library (200,000 songs), or have a music library that will let you browse, sort, and filter songs by file-name, by id3 tags, etc...

what am i not understanding here??

why does this software feel so anti single-song?

i NEVER want to listen to an album...
i NEVER want to listen to an ARTIST...
i usually want to listen to my favorite SONGS/TRACKS...

i wish MadSonic didn't make it so difficult to organize/locate standalone mp3's

and on the android client, i search for a song name (why the heck can't i just browse efficiently), it shows up kin the search results, and when i click on it, i get dumped into some playlist...

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