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Madsonic not showing real foldernames

Posted: 04 May 2015, 12:38
by madsub
I appreciate it very much that people like madsonic take great effort in creating a fork of subsonic with additional features, but it is rather useless as long as there is no real documentation about these features and the consequences of most of the settings.

For instance this non transparent behaviour of madsonic in naming and sorting by folders is continous annoying.
I always get mad about software that thinks it is smarter than me and corrects my intentions where there is nothing to correct.

Normally my folder structure is DRIVE:\MP3s\Albumartist\Album\Files, which works fine.

For some reason I want to have some special music-folders with a folder structure "DRIVE:\MP3s\Specials\Subfolder\Albumfoldername\Files".
In these cases the "Albumfoldername" looks like this: (Number) Albumartist - Album

In these cases Madsonic does not show the real name of the albumfoldername but instead of this filters out the albumartist and so shows "(Number) Album".
It obviously does take the folder and not a content of a tag, because it shows "(Number)", which can only be retrieved from the foldername.
But why does it want to be so smart and filter out the name of the albumartist, which is essential for a infomative listing?

The only way to get madsonic to show the foldername as it really is, is to point the music-folder to "DRIVE:\MP3s\Specials\Subfolder". In this case madsonic lists all Albumfoldernames as they really are named in the left frame under an index that includes the "(".
As long as I point the music-folder to "DRIVE:\MP3s\Specials" madsonic wants to be smart and messes up my real albumfoldername.

Is there any way to get over this annoying behaviour?
Any experimenting with the different settings did not lead to a change.

Re: Madsonic not showing real foldernames

Posted: 06 Feb 2016, 17:52
by madsub
Still nobody able to tell me a solution?

Re: Madsonic not showing real foldernames

Posted: 09 Feb 2016, 16:47
by madsub
I made a research and realized that this topic is now constantly up-to-date for years.
There are threads about this in this forum for about 3 years, but never a satisfying answer.

I made tests again for hours with version 5.1 und version 6.
It still is not possible for me to get Madsonic to show my album-folder correctly. Madsonic always seems to list the album-tag which in my configuration sometimes for good reasons is different from the album-folder name.
Sometimes Madsonic only seems to truncate the album-folder-name for no obvious reason.

Playing with the settings "Sort albums by foldernames","Enable Foldername Parsing" or "Enable AlbumSet/Folder Parsing" seem to lead to no predictable results,
using the media-folder-types (which is a feature that is nowhere realy documented in its behaviour) does not help either.
I made full rescans with cleanup, deleted the database and cleared the browser-cache - no wanted result.

I work with different folder-structures and alternatively with symlinks of albums-folders.
Here is an example:
E:\MP3s\symlinks\Chartlist_1\(001) Beatles - Abbey Road\

E:\MP3s\symlinks is one of my music folders.
"Chartlist_1" has an entry in the shortcuts.
In this constellation it is essential that madsonic lists the album with its folder-name (the number, the albumartist and the album).

The folder "(001) Beatles - Abbey Road" is a symlink to my the album-folder of the regular folder structure:
E:\MP3s\Albums\Beatles\Abbey Road\

This sounds complictated but there is no problem with this and I am doing it for years. There is also no difference to real folders.
In this way I am able to use 1 physically present album in different listings without having to duplicate the albums and to use different tag-content.

Madsonic never lists the folder "(001) Beatles - Abbey Road". The best I could get was "(001) Abbey Road" (without Beatles) and there is no way to get this result reproduceable.

I had a look at the DB and there is a Pseudo-tag "Album_name" (instead of the real tag "Album") which seems to be responsible for what Madsonic uses for the album-listing.
So Madsonic seems to use a pseudo-tag (Album_name) in its database for its album-listings. But I find no way to get Madsonic to enter the album-folder-name in this pseudo-tag.

Please Madevil bring light to this obscure behaviour of Madsonic. The scheme behind all this seems to me a complicated coding that intends to get a somehow better result than just following the wish of a user and take the album-folder-name just as it is.

Re: Madsonic not showing real foldernames

Posted: 14 Feb 2016, 13:43
by madsub
I meanwhile found out, that the only method to get Madsonic to show an unparsed or unchanged folder-name instead of the album-tag is to use an empty album-directory without a tagged file during first scan.
If you then copy the tagged mp3-files to this album-folder Madsonic leaves its database-entry unchanged.