Sonos on QNAP 453S

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Sonos on QNAP 453S

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Good morning,

I am setting up Madsonic and have two quick questions.

1. Coming from a previous subsonic installation, there was a Sonos tab under settings where i could configure Subsonic to be read by Sonos. Is there an equivalent feature on Madsonic or a workaround?

2. I downloaded and installed the Madsonic app via QNAP's App Center. Madsonic is telling me there is a new version. How do I update my QNAP to the latest release?

Any help is appreciated!!!

Thanks very much!


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Re: Sonos on QNAP 453S

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@1 unfortunately not, at this time. we would have to buy sonos devices on our own. due to the fact that they are not that cheap it wil ltake some time ... or maybe there is one honorable donator somewhere araound ??? this would increase implementation speed.

@2 depending on what kind of release you ran, backup the db , download the actual recommended version for your host, and just install the new one.
existing files will be overwritten, a new jetty dir will be setup
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