How to make Madsonic download media faster?

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How to make Madsonic download media faster?

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Hey everyone, I have a Madsonic server running for a while. I have a question though that is listed below. I am hoping someone can guide me.

Question: What is the best way to run a Madsonic dedicated server? I have currently 3 ethernet wires cat 6 running to my router/modem. The 3 ethernet wires work together in a network bridge within Windows 7. Issue is, no one is obtaining enough speed to download a huge file within a reasonable amount of time. My internet speed is 110 mb download, 10 mb upload. I am thinking it's a limitation in Madsonic.
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Re: How to make Madsonic download media faster?

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try to monitor your network lines ...
i guess the performance monitor should do it for an buildin solution ...
- start your monitoring,
- let someone pull a file ...

- if there is only traffic on one line .. you have to do someting with your networkconfig.
- if there is traffic on all lines , you might have to investigate the bottle neck.
it could be a slow respondig harddrive, or whatever ...

i got my 100 Mbit Kabel Deutschland line ,,, and people are able to leech with ca 5 Mbit... ( just got 6 MBit up -.-)
eyerything working on ONE line, Cat 5e , 1 GBit LAN
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