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Issues with new users

Posted: 20 Jan 2015, 00:39
by repercussion
When I try to create a new user, I get a DB error after logging in and have no browsing abilities.

I'd appreciate any help you can give me that might save my DB!

Re: Issues with new users

Posted: 21 Jan 2015, 00:41
by DoCC
ok so there is a problem with inserting data into the db . and the db reports an integrity error ...
erm ... i guess you are fucked up ...

try cloning an existent ( working ) user ... are there still any errors ?
if yes, happy reconfiguring

Re: Issues with new users

Posted: 05 Jan 2016, 01:35
by repercussion
Thank you, DoCC. I'm sure many people are not going to want to read this but I started from scratch again, but I'm glad I did. I couldn't pinpoint the issue, but Completely redeploying the app has worked. I'm glad I went through it again, though, because Madsonic has become a part of my daily life.