MadSonic Noob Questions

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MadSonic Noob Questions

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Some of the users over at Plex suggested I take a look at your MadSonic. So here I am.

I'm much more a music person than video and Plex has had some issues in their music area for more than a year and they have not moved on to improve them. Sad.

I'm a child of the sixties! So at times I'm a bit old school, so I hope you can bear with me.

So I have a few questions that I hope some of you may be able to answer.

I keep my files fairly accurately tagged with mp3tag. Not always easy to do but I try.
I know it has it's place, but when I used it in Plex, it completely made a mess of my displayed tags. No it did not edit the tags of my files thank goodness but the displayed info at times was just completely wrong and at times very tasteless. It appears as though needs to closely moderate the info their users input and what they share. Therefore I do not want any part of meddling with my data. So is there a way to not use and even more so possibly remove it's module from within MadSonic? That's how bad I don't want

Allows users to create and add their own fields to the ID3 metadata. While they are then non standard ID3 tags they are sometimes needed, particularly when trying to properly tag Classical music. So I have added numerous ID3 fields to accomplish this. Can MadSonic natively read and display those added fields? Or can it easily be configured to do so? Say from a user screen that shows all supposed ID3 fields and then the user check mark the desired fields to be displayed and possibly sorted on. And do the same with FLAC files. Basically I guess some sort of database maintenance screen/routine, even if we may have to manually add the fields. Also can MadSonic read and display all declared ID3 v2.3 tags as defined by id3(dot)org? Or does MadSonic only use a subset of the ID3 tags?

Compilation or Various Artists CD's
I file these in a directory/folder named Various they are then in a directory/folder by CD/Album name. So my ID3 (TPE2) tag for Album Artist is set to 'Various' while the ID3 (TPE1) tag is set for the track artist. So I then like to find/sort all tracks by track artist and at times by album artist. Can MadSonic work both ways? (NOTE: I have so many Various CD's that when I try to load them in a portion of PLEX, PLEX freezes requiring a server reboot. Not good.)

SSD use
My server is set up with an SSD for the OS/system drive and a RAID for the data. Since the database may be fairly active with a lot of writes per day, can the database be easily moved to the RAID? This will help save the life of the SSD. And allow the database to hopefully be easier to recover when the SSD does fail. Hopefully I would catch it before failure, but... Oh and I do use Clonezilla to backup the system drive as well.

That about covers my questions. I know there is a lot there, I just hope a few of you may be able to answer some or all of them.

Thanks in advance.

Enjoy & Take Care!


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