How to manage music files from madsonic?

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How to manage music files from madsonic?

Unread post by freetomfr » 23 Nov 2015, 17:04

Hi everyone. I used madsonic web interface to upload some music files. All theese files are located in a default upload directory on the server. I want to organize it in the right folder for each of them but I can't find any way to do it with madsonic web interface. Could you help me please?

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Re: How to manage music files from madsonic?

Unread post by gurutech » 23 Nov 2015, 23:31

You have to manually move the files to one of the media folder locations.

What I do in my setup is have the files in one folder (the upload folder), and then run Windows Media Player from my Win10 virtual machine, let it organize and sort the media files into Artist/Album/Title.mp3 format. Once this is complete, I manually move the folder structure into my shared media folders in Madsonic. If it's something I want to listen to right away, I run a "rescan" on the media folders, otherwise I just wait until 3am for the rescan to happen (when I have the auto rescan configured.)
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