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by neodawg
04 Jan 2017, 17:42
Forum: Support 6.x
Topic: Madsonic Premium
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Re: Madsonic Premium

My original query was Entered email address and license key at Madsonic Premium which says You have a valid Madsonic Premium license! The license is registered to ... The server log says WARN SettingsService License key is not valid. and connection from anfroid says server unlicensed which was an E...
by neodawg
04 Jan 2016, 18:02
Forum: Bug Reports 6.x
Topic: build 7820 Issues
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build 7820 Issues

========================================================================================= VERSION: MADSONIC 6.0 | BUILD: 7820 SERVLET: TOMCAT SERVER: CPU: XEON | ARCH: X64 | MEMORY: 4GB | HDD: 10TB OS: WINDOWS 2008 R2 SYSTEM: SERVER INSTALLER: STANDALONE JAVA: ORACLE JDK 1.8 BROWSER: CHROME 44 CLIE...
by neodawg
08 Jul 2015, 03:54
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Madsonic Newsletter 07/2015
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 07/2015

I would like to test some of these items.

Transcoding tests
GUI workflow tests
Performance tests
Stability tests

by neodawg
06 Jan 2015, 16:31
Forum: Support 5.x
Topic: Home screen question (Random Items, etc.)
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Re: Home screen question (Random Items, etc.)

+1 for me. XBMC/Kodi is great if your on your local lan, its nice to have to option to stream to the phone or other people in their home can use it with XBMC with the madsonic/ plugin to connect to your server. I just wish the phone client would support different bit rates... EDIT: Just installed th...
by neodawg
16 Dec 2014, 04:14
Forum: Bug Reports 5.x
Topic: 5.2 Build 5300 Not Transcoding Video Stream to Andriod
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Re: 5.2 Build 5300 Not Transcoding Video Stream to Andriod

Same issue here, I can play but only with a high bandwidth connection. BSplayer-dont work at all, VLC-just spins, MXplayer-works but at full data rate, RAW-not supported, HLS-not supported. It looks like it starts up ffmpeg on the server and uses CPU, so its transcoding but its not down-converting t...
by neodawg
16 Dec 2014, 04:10
Forum: Support
Topic: Cant play any movie on Android
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Re: Cant play any movie on Android

Is anyone having issues with getting transcoding to the madsonic app to work? I can play videos in MXPlayer, but they will only play if I am on wifi or next to a 4G tower. Running latest madsonic app and MADSONIC 5.2.5420.20141214.0249 for server on Server 2008R2.
by neodawg
18 Nov 2014, 16:52
Forum: Support 5.x
Topic: Users unable to change password
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Users unable to change password

I have just started using Madsonic, I migrated from MusicCabinet. Running on Tomcat6 on Server 2008R2. Running the latest stable version- MADSONIC 5.1.5200.20141017.1253 When users click the forgot my password link from the main page they enter their username or email or anything at all and it just ...
by neodawg
15 Nov 2014, 00:52
Forum: Bug Reports 5.x
Topic: Internal error (settings>default)
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Re: Internal error (settings>default)

Having the same issue, coming from MusicCabinet as well. If i restart the server it seems like it works fine again, I dont want to do that everytime either.

Also, do you have an About button anywhere? I cant seem to find it...
by neodawg
14 Nov 2014, 21:43
Forum: Bug Reports 5.x
Topic: 5.1 build 5110 Non-admin users password change not working
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Re: 5.1 build 5110 Non-admin users password change not worki

Seeing this same error on my Server 2008r2 server running tomcat. Exception java.lang.NullPointerException Message null Java version Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_17 Operating system Windows Server 2008 R2 6.1 Server Apache Tomcat/6.0.37 Memory Used 119 of 225 MB Stack trace java.lang.NullPointerExceptio...