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by procyon
09 Apr 2018, 12:27
Forum: Client 6.x
Topic: jukebox casting
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jukebox casting

Hi I am trying to use Madsonic Pro as a remote for my server in a jukebox fashion.

When I press cast in the app, no errors are reported, yet no media plays on the server's hardware.

What am I doing wrong?

by procyon
03 Oct 2017, 20:19
Forum: Solved Requests
Topic: dsub artist radio
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dsub artist radio

I was told dsub's artist radio would work with a Madsonic server. However I can;t for the life of me figure out where this feature is on the client.

Can someone point mew in that direction; I would rather use Madsonic for this than Subsonic as Madsonic is great for managing my large music library.
by procyon
28 Sep 2017, 15:25
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Topic: Dsub client question.
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Re: Dsub client question.

Differences I've noticed: The Madsonic app has the Followme feature which is missing from DSub. DSub has "artist radio" and artist profiles which Madsonic does not. Question about Dsub: What is the difference between a star and a thumbs up/down, and does "sync server" check for additions to the serv...
by procyon
28 Sep 2017, 06:15
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Topic: Dsub client question.
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Dsub client question.

I primarily use Madsonic to manage my collection and jukebox play. I am planning to buy one (or more) android clients. I have heard mixed things about Madsonic functionality with Dsub.

What am I missing or gaining by using DSub instead of the official client?
by procyon
22 Feb 2017, 05:14
Forum: Server 6.x
Topic: network error
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network error

When I try to connecto to my Madsonic with Android (Dsub),I get network errors, then it times out. The re no firewalls, nor proxies. Any suggestions?