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by winomat
17 Apr 2021, 09:53
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Topic: moved to another server. License doesnt work anymore
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moved to another server. License doesnt work anymore

Hello, i dont know if Madsonic is dead, but yesterday i moved Madsonic to another server and now my License wont be accepted anymore. When i enter my Lic code it says valid. But when i reload the page im back on trial. I also dont see the button on doanload page for other server setups like 7.x. Whe...
by winomat
27 Dec 2020, 18:31
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Migrating to a new server
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Migrating to a new server


i would like to move from one ubuntu server to another. Last time i did this i lost all the "metadata" i added, like favourite songs and such. What is the best way to migrate without loosing infos/db?

Thanks in advance
by winomat
06 Mar 2016, 19:56
Forum: Support 6.x
Topic: Madsonic Premium
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Re: Madsonic Premium


sadly there is still no Premium available. Today my trial expired. Is there any solution till Premium is available?
I use it everyday on my phone.



@Madevil thanks for the help :D