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by rixton
11 Feb 2014, 23:44
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Topic: IOS client?
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Re: IOS client?

Looking forward for folder-base navigation! It does work fine using my external IP, but when I try connect to my server by any of my hostnames (, my private .org domain, or adresses), it just states "Login failed." Works fine using both the webrowser and iSub with the same a...
by rixton
06 Mar 2013, 14:39
Forum: Feature Requests 5.x
Topic: List by foldername (In third-party applications)
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List by foldername (In third-party applications)

Is it possible to get the "sort albums by foldername" feature to work with third-party applications as well
Every application that I have tried sorts the folders by Album, which make it really hard for me to find what I want