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by humbahumba
19 Jul 2015, 11:13
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Madsonic Newsletter 07/2015
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 07/2015

I would like to test, too. especially *) Sonos tests in addition I should manage to test these things, too: *) dynamical scanning *) Transcoding tests *) GUI workflow tests *) Performance tests *) Stability tests Thanks :) EDIT: btw I can#T reach or sub-pages EDIT2:--> up again
by humbahumba
15 Feb 2015, 18:11
Forum: Madsonic 6.x
Topic: Madsonic 6.0 Sneak Peak
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Re: Madsonic 6.0 Beta1

Hi, we are totally new to all the ***sonics. Just ran into this a few days ago and we LIKE it! By reading this thread the decission between subsonic and madsonic isn't that clear anymore as we thought it would be. Madsonic has many, many settings that are over our heads by today - but we were lookin...