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by TedMM
30 Mar 2014, 01:31
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Topic: artists search
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Re: artists search

I too would appreciate the complete ID3 tag support - would be great if it were like mp3tag! But support for all declared ID3 tags from will be just fine! This answers one of my questions from my post As far as I know Madevil Madsonic will ...
by TedMM
24 Mar 2014, 23:30
Forum: Support 5.x
Topic: MadSonic Noob Questions
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MadSonic Noob Questions

Folks, Some of the users over at Plex suggested I take a look at your MadSonic. So here I am. I'm much more a music person than video and Plex has had some issues in their music area for more than a year and they have not moved on to improve them. Sad. I'm a child of the sixties! So at times I'm a b...