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by baggar11
10 Nov 2014, 23:11
Forum: Solved Requests
Topic: Pandora no longer works, and other bugs [solved]
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Re: Pandora no longer works, and other bugs

Another confirmation that Pandora mode is not working through the WebGUI here too.

Server Specs:
Ubuntu 14.04
Oracle Java 1.7.0_72
Madsonic 5.1.5200.20141016.1013
by baggar11
30 May 2014, 02:40
Forum: XBMC
Topic: Madsonic Server 5.x XBMC Plugins
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Re: Madsonic Server 5.0 XBMC Plugins

Yeah, I just noticed this too.
skopo wrote:With Gotham I'm having problems with playback. I can play only one song. When the next song cames playback stops...

Plus scrobbling isn't working.
by baggar11
21 Jan 2014, 18:25
Forum: Feature Requests 5.x
Topic: Pandora Android Toggle/Android Radio Options
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Pandora Android Toggle/Android Radio Options

I would to see these 2 options implemented into the Android app...

-Pandora mode toggle
-Radio playlist creation(like web player)
by baggar11
07 Jan 2014, 18:22
Forum: Info
Topic: Android Client 5.5
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Re: Android Client 5.5

Hi Madevil, New user to madsonic here and love it. Thanks for your work on the project. Currently, I'm using the subsonic Android app, but would love to support your android app. A couple people have asked about a toggle for pandora mode in the android, but has gone unanswered. What plans do you hav...