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by crazifyngers
18 Jan 2015, 17:59
Forum: Madsonic 6.x
Topic: Madsonic 6.0 Sneak Peak
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Re: Madsonic 6.0 Beta1

I don't mind paying a monthly fee if there are reoccurring fees for hosting. I also don't mind paying for maintenance and support. What I don't like is having to pay a monthly fee like other "cloud apps" but not have the app hosted. In my mind if you have an application that runs on someone elses se...
by crazifyngers
06 Jun 2014, 23:43
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Madsonic Newsletter 06/2014
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 06/2014

i'm really looking forward to this. google and facebook integration should be awesome! all i am hoping for is multi-genre is working in this release and things like AC/DC display correctly.

home entertainment support seems awesome!
by crazifyngers
17 Feb 2014, 21:42
Forum: Feature Requests 5.x
Topic: Multi-Genre does not show up in Radio?
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Re: Multi-Genre does not show up in Radio?

I have the same results with the newest version. I am sticking with musiccabinet until that is resolved. I would love tag based organization.
by crazifyngers
17 Nov 2013, 17:17
Forum: Support 5.x
Topic: possible to display artist by tag info not folder info
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possible to display artist by tag info not folder info

is it possible to name the artist by the id3 tags instead of foldernames? my foldernames have some characters that are not supported by the filesystem and some foldernames display with strange characters. / ' and any none US english letter seems to be the issue. also where can i get 3680 for linux? ...