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by abrenoch
06 Jan 2015, 01:23
Forum: Madsonic 6.x
Topic: Madsonic 6.0 Sneak Peak
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Re: Madsonic 6.0 Beta1

You really have the ball rolling on these releases! One issue that has thus far gone unaddressed: Failed podcasts. Right now when there is basically ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY wrong with an RSS feed, then the podcast page really goes to shit. When this happens various functions just do no work, some ser...
by abrenoch
28 Jul 2014, 18:42
Forum: Support 5.x
Topic: Wordpress authentication for podcasts
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Wordpress authentication for podcasts

I was curious if this is something that would be possible.. There are some podcasts behind a wordpress login that must be authenticated with (in addition to the basic http authentication).. Is this something that could be accommodated within madsonic? Personally I think the sites should just handle ...
by abrenoch
10 Jun 2014, 00:11
Forum: Info
Topic: Media folder index style explanation?
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Media folder index style explanation?

Hi.. I am trying to figure out just what the heck these different "index styles" are for media folders, but I cannot for the life of me find a description of what the different types are, let alone what they do.. Could somebody enlighten me please? I was hoping that this option would enable me to ex...