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by crazymag
13 Mar 2018, 01:53
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Topic: Suggestion for my Dog
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Suggestion for my Dog

I just got a husky from one of my beloved friends. He is so far getting use the new environment that he has and I am just so happy to have him around. I am thinking of buying him pet vitamins and supplement but I am not that sure which product is best for puppies like him. Would you mind suggesting ...
by crazymag
08 Feb 2018, 05:29
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Topic: Year in Registration form
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Re: Year in Registration form

Sorry, but what are you trying to point out?
BTW, welcome on board!
by crazymag
30 Jan 2018, 02:44
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Topic: Greetingsfrom DallasOMIPS
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Re: Greetingsfrom DallasOMIPS

Hey, pardon me for using an old thread. I just want to say hi, as I am newbie.