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by Micha
30 Jan 2018, 15:32
Forum: Bug Reports 6.x
Topic: Left Index: blank space & confusion
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Left Index: blank space & confusion

Hi there; In Subsonic, I liked that the left bar consisted mostly of the list of artists, and I wanted something similar in madsonic. In the keyboard shortcuts, I noticed that "l" could be used to pop up a "left index". After some random walk, I realized that "Show artist panel" has to be activated ...
by Micha
13 Jan 2018, 22:56
Forum: Node 6.x
Topic: How to use a Node?
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Re: How to use a Node?

Frankly, I've spent a couple hours on that, and cannot say it's anywhere near the claimed functionality on Madsonic's website, sadly. What I did so far was: - Have Nodes installed on a Pi at home; - Give it the credentials of a remote server; - Nothing happening, so I forwarded my router's 8181 to m...