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by richardap1
04 Nov 2015, 18:41
Forum: Support 6.x
Topic: V6 Artist Bio
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V6 Artist Bio

I have just installed MadSonic (latest beta 6) on my server and all is fine except artist bio's on the main artist page are all the same artist, with the same similar artists. This doesn't happen on the side panel while playing. Anyone know how to fix it?

by richardap1
21 May 2013, 09:12
Forum: Feature Requests 5.x
Topic: New Playing Tweet
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New Playing Tweet

Rather than share the music, i would like to be able to publish a #NowPlaying tweet. I follow a lot of artists and some artists search these tweets to find like minded listeners to promote there new albums too. I have found loads of new bands this way.
by richardap1
14 May 2013, 14:05
Forum: General
Topic: Media/Libary Tool Collection
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Re: Media/Libary Tool Collection

MusicBee, has very good tagging tools.