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by ananda96
06 Apr 2019, 06:55
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Topic: Madsonic Newsletter 03/2019
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Re: Madsonic Newsletter 03/2019

What i absoluteley do not understand is a countdown for relaunch and then: NOTHING. It might be not dead but what i see here is a huge lack of social competence :!: No announce, no answer: only pointing to the newsletter is not good!!! (this was before the same, you rarely get an answer here) No com...
by ananda96
09 Mar 2019, 00:20
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Topic: Where are you from?
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Re: Where are you from?

I am from Paradise = moved to Costa Rica

by ananda96
08 Jun 2016, 06:21
Forum: Bug Reports 6.x
Topic: failed to scrobble, bad timestamp
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since one week roundabout i've get always the message: WARN AudioScrobblerService Failed to scrobble song 'World Will End On Friday' at Bad timestamp, please check local clock. so i checked clock on windows 10, sync is ok and working sometimes i am using local player AIMP4 and scrob...
by ananda96
06 Aug 2014, 01:03
Forum: General
Topic: Madsonic Theme
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Re: Madsonic Theme

I really love Holotron, it's a kinda like Cyanogenmod!
by ananda96
19 Jul 2014, 22:15
Forum: Bug Reports 5.x
Topic: Missing Genres
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Re: Missing Genres

having similar problem, on latest version 2 own genres "dissappeared" and got replaced by Madsonics itsself?

diff progressive subgenres got repclaced by "progressive"...

Also corrections of genres in "clean media- full rescan" do not take access, example wrong written genre still appears.
by ananda96
02 Nov 2013, 21:10
Forum: Support 5.x
Topic: Exclude Folders
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Re: Exclude Folders

Same Problem here,
adding entire 2TB Drive under W7 adds also "recycle.bin" and "systeme volume information".
How can i exclude this?
by ananda96
16 Mar 2013, 15:51
Forum: Feature Requests 5.x
Topic: Artist Hub [partially completed]
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Re: Artist Hub [partially completed]

How can i get this work for me? Artist Hub stays empty... I belive it depends on my Mediafolder structure. (this is on size of my Collection to keep overview unchangeable, makes no sense od different Genres) I have 13 Mainfolders as Maingenres with together 97 Subfolder as Subgenres, then folder Art...
by ananda96
13 Jan 2013, 01:22
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Topic: About JAVA
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About JAVA

First congrats to the new forum! So, reading everyday horror news about 0-day exploits in latest Java and older ones, does it make sense and would it work to avoid trouble installing Java SE Runtime Environment 8.0 Build 72 Dev? as everybody knows, Oracle spreads extremly slow updates and d...