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T-Mobile Free Music Streaming - Compatible with Madsonic?

Posted: 28 Jul 2014, 19:08
by norcalscott
In looking through my data usage for the past month on T-Mobile, I am seeing very little usage from DSub, my client of choice to access my library on Madsonic / Linux Mint Maya. During this time I took a trip and used the app quite a lot from the road accessing LTE data.

Has any other T-Mobile USA customers noticed this, or am I seeing some kind of data measurement anomaly?

If T-Mobile is in fact treating streaming from Madsonic/Subsonic the same as Pandora and Rhapsody (no charge for bandwidth), this is a great thing.

Re: T-Mobile Free Music Streaming - Compatible with Madsonic

Posted: 17 Jul 2015, 22:03
by cal3thousand

I found this post after searching Google for information regarding MadSonic and T-mobile streaming data counts. I hope the t-mobile identifies it by port or something that will allow streaming like this to be exclusive of the data bucket. I would love to be able to drop Spotify without upgrading my data plan as well. I registered on this site just to ask this question :)

Have you been able to confirm this behavior?

Re: T-Mobile Free Music Streaming - Compatible with Madsonic

Posted: 13 Sep 2015, 18:21
by j3tblk
How do suggest T Mobile identifies the audio traffic as Madsonic traffic? By the Madsonic domain name? Pretty worthless if you don't use the madsonic address.