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Offline Mode

Posted: 05 Jan 2015, 19:45
by rabenste

I am currently thinking about to leave Spotify and switch to madsonic.

One big feature on spotify for me is to make certain playlists and all favorites offline available on my mobile, because when I drive to work streaming is not working.

I know the madsonic app (on Android) will cache files after playback, but when I understood it right I have to play each track to make it offline available, and as soon as the cache is full the oldest track will be substituted.

Am I just missing how to do this or is this feature currently missing in the client? I was not able to find any detailed documentaion about the caching functionality on the website or the forum.

If so please feel free to move this thread to the feature requests.

Kind regards,


Re: Offline Mode

Posted: 05 Jan 2015, 20:07
by Madsonic
hi there,

this feature will come with the next versions, as workaround:

On Android Client:
  • Settings > Music Cache > Songs to reload > set to unlimited
  • Playlist > Select Playlist > Start Playlist
  • Stop Playing
  • in the background the whole Playlist will be cache
best regards