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Statistics 5.0.3600

Unread post by BKKKPewsey » 29 Aug 2013, 23:39

I noticed after the new install had scanned my media (normal nightly rescan) that my album count in stats has gone from 12005 albums to 16,364 albums overnight.
(I didn't spot any change in any of the other parameters eg artists, album artists etc)
Whey!! has my Madsonic server now got the whole Amazon mp3 download catalogue at its beck and call ;) a 25% increase on a 1.2Tb music collection in 8 hrs - very impressive :D
However when I look at the new (to me) advanced stats I see this :-


To save you reaching for your calculators that comes to 4,328 (excluding the podcasts and audiobooks :roll: )
so what MS giveth MS taketh away :D
I checked using the report feature of Mediamonkey and that says 11850 albums (on a slightly different (bigger) database so probably the 12005 initially reported is not far out.
I also checked the "Z" folder (being the smallest) and I count 32 different albums so MS's basic arithmetic skills seem somewhat cough!! lacking
I though 'puters were supposed to be good at this sort of thing :shock: or are we repeating the famous (in my generation) Intel arithmetic bug.

(How many Intel engineers are required to screw in a light bulb - answer 3
One to hold the steps and one to screw in the bulb :roll: )


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